Small Grey Outline Pointer Rosalie's 100 Baby Challenge
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Here are the twins… Looks like they inherited their fathers vampire-like skin tone. 

Dorks at the “kids table” :P

Twins b-day party!

#5 and #6 are twins! Meet Ane and Aron. 

The proposal was accepted! Baby #1, Agathe Kennedy, is now married and living with her wife Erin Kennedy. Hopefully she’ll achieve her dream of being a surgeon! That’s one kid down, 99 more to go. 

Final look at Baby #1 (Agathe) before moving her out for good :)

Baby #1 found her dream girl - aka The Girl Next Door 

Baby #1 finally becomes an adult!

All the kids aged up! Baby #1 is almost an adult bless

Baby #4 is another boy!

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